Thursday, February 04, 2016

Reporting from New Hampshire

Readers will know we are all about local politics here at When the Mayor Smiles.

We also subscribe to that old adage that all politics are local politics.

It follows, then, that we ought to offer comment on the big political events going on down south of the border and specifically the upcoming New Hampshire Primary.

Sadly, our knowledge of this form of local politics ranks only slightly ahead of Sarah Palin’s grasp of Russian geography.

Not to worry. We’ve got it covered.

Andrew C. Bome
Hamilton lawyer, Andrew C. Bome, leaves this Friday for New Hampshire and has committed to send back his observations on this unique and perplexing exercise in democracy.

Bome returns to the Granite State where his observations were documented and well received in 2008 for Hamilton’s Raise the Hammer.

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