Sunday, April 05, 2015

Reports on the Transit Users Forum

I made it out to the Burlington Transit Users Forum on the last Saturday in March.

It was a great morning with an excellent turnout.

Although the City’s commitment to public transit has not improved over the years Burlington for Accessible and Sustainable Transit (BFAST) has made a lot of progress in organizing people so they can articulate their concerns and their positive feedback as well.

The Burlington Post published a story that I wrote on the Forum that you can find here.

The Burlington Gazette provided great coverage as well.

Denis Gibbons from the Bay Are Observer was in attendance too.   I’d expect to see something in his paper in the next while.

Hopefully, this interest from media will help prod decision makers into putting appropriate resources into public transit in Burlington and all the GTA and Hamilton for that matter.
Paul Benson and Doug Brown facilitate a group at the Transit Users Forum.