Friday, February 05, 2016

New Hampshire Trip Day 1 – Foiling the Weather Gods

(Following is Andrew C. Bome's first report from the New Hampshire.)

My Friend Alan and I decided that we would be heading to New Hampshire this year to hang out at a variety of Primary related events.  We did this 8 years ago. We saw history being made and had a whole lot of fun.   We are hoping to do the same; if we are lucky we might meet some of the same “whacky” people that we met 8 years ago.

Our trip almost did not happen; we literally never got off of the ground.  The plan was to fly from Buffalo to Boston, rent a car in Boston and drive to Nashua, New Hampshire.  When we arrived at the airport, our flight had been cancelled due to weather in Boston.   We were in good company; Donald Trump had to cancel an event today due to weather in Boston. 
Andrew arrives in New Hampshire

The Airline had rescheduled to Saturday evening at 7:30, or we could reroute our trip to New York and fly from there to Boston; we would have arrived in Nashua past midnight.  Neither were good options.   Alan and I are intrepid dudes so we decided to turn our adventure into a road trip.  We drove seven hours from Buffalo through New York, Vermont and New Hampshire and arrived at our hotel in Nashua at around 9:00.  It was a lovely drive; or it would have been during daylight hours in the summer.

Our only real casualty was a planned Hillary Clinton rally at 7:00 p.m.  We aren’t that worried; we are both pretty sure she will have a few more events before Tuesday.

Tomorrow’s first event is a Bernie Sanders rally in Nashua; doors open at 9:00 a.m. and the rally starts at 11:00.  We should have fun: Sanders supporters are young, enthusiastic and committed.  That makes for some fun conversations.  We had booked ourselves for a 10:30 Chris Christie event; sadly he gets thrown under the bus.  We are also planning to spend time in the “free speech zone” at St. Anselm’s college during the republican debate.  That should be fun and where we get to meet some folks with some “different” ideas.

The high point of the trip will be the super bowl viewing party.  It is with Marco Rubio; looking forward to my Super PAC Nachos. 

I have a few goals for this trip.  First, I want to be able to get at least one selfie with a Candidate; even Jim Gilmore is good enough.  Second I want to steal a few lawn signs.  My home office has framed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lawn signs from 2008.  I want to replace them with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders lawn signs from 2016.  Third, swag: buttons, hats, shirts, leaflets.  I want it all. If I can do all of this, meet some interesting people and not get arrested, I will have a successful holiday.

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