Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Transit Talk

This Wednesday, I will be appearing on Unusual Sources, a CFMU radio show.

Paul Bedford will also appear on the second half of the show which is hosted by transit advocate Doug Brown.

Bedford wil be talking about the recent "OneCity" proposal for a $30 Billion programme of subway, LRT, and transit infrastructure in the City of Toronto.

This proposal calls for an increase in municipal taxes and other measures to fund an ambitious programme so that Toronto's transit system will be able to move people  efficiently through all parts of the City and end the gridlock.Paul Bedford has long advocated for a large increase in transit and transit expenditures throughout the GTHA.

I'll be talking with Doug to update listeners on the transit situation in Burlington.

While the City of Toronto is pushing for increased taxes to provide  billions of dollars for new transit funding, the City of Burlington ponders an interim service plan that would provide no net increase in transit service hours while removing holiday service and increasing  mid-day wait times to one hour on routes serving north east Burlington.

Unusual Sources runs from 5:00-6:00pm every week at 93.3 FM. The first half of this week's show features "Taxi Talk", an ongoing series on efforts to get better working conditions for taxi drivers in Hamilton and Toronto. The second half of this week's show will focus on transit in the GTA and in

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