Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Ottawa I Must Go

Thank you for supporting my blog. I’m gratified that you can find the time to look at it.

Sometimes I go off on rants. I apologize for those occasions.

Today’s posting is particularly important because I need your help.

I have decided that I must go to Ottawa.

It is said that Steve Harper is about to appoint 18 new Senators. I think I should be one of these appointees and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Five Reasons to Send Your Blogger to Ottawa

I think like the Prime Minister. Like Mr. Harper I also once favoured abolition of the Senate. In fact I wrote, if I might say, an excellent paper in an undergrad political science class in 1969 arguing for abolition. This was long before young Stevie’s parents had taught him about our parliamentary system of government and the meaning of the word conciliatory.

2. I could use the money. Let’s face it I’m going nowhere with this blog. I have two still-at-home adult children victims of the policies of this terrible left wing government we have in have-not Ontario. My boys, Brian Martin and John George, would just be so happy if I could relocate to Ottawa so that they could have the house.

3. There needs to be significant opposition to this stupid coalition idea in that chamber of sober second thought. I’ll admit I was seduced - but only for a short time – by the idea of fighting the recession by stimulating the economy. But to be honest - and you know you can trust me - I only thought like that because the mainstream socialist inclined media (controlled, I suspect, by separatists like Jacques Parizeau and influenced by far out economic ideas like those put forth by disciples of ex-pat John Kenneth Galbraith) told us that Mr. Harper said such things when he was in Peru with those other world leaders. Such mendacity.

4. I will actually do something in the Senate. And that is this: I will spend every waking moment until April 2, 2025 fighting to abolish it. The Senate will be history on April 3rd, 2025. That will be my 75th birthday present to the nation.

5.. And finally it is an outrage that Burlington – a customer focused city recognized for excellence in government - has had no representation in the Senate since Liberal Isobel Finnerty retired in July of 2005.

I’m the guy.

Thanks again for your support.


Tom Cooper said...

While Prime Minister Harper has indicated that he would populate the Senate with Conservative Party supporters (read: stooges), there is a scenario in which our intrepid blogger could indeed be appointed.
"According to wikipedia: Robert "Bob" Wood, QC is a politician in Ontario, Canada. He served as a Progressive Conservative member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1995 to 2003."
So...our blogger has already paid his dues to the Party as a carpet-bagger.
He seems a logical choice: his previous success at attaining a plum political appointment (Burlington Council comes to mind) indicates that he would slip into this world of entitlement and cushy red chairs with ease. Word on the street is he intimidated all potential opposition in attaining that interim seat on Council...but the ability to intimidate and belittle oppostion is exactly the qualities Harper is looking for in potential Senators.
Raise your brandy glass and welcome Senator Bob Wood!

Anonymous said...

Bob Wood For Senate

Air Farce once had a line: "Canada is the only county that ever overthrew itself." Sending Bob Wood to Canda's Upper Chamber would bring that quote to life!

A sixth reson to send Bob to the senate would be that Ottawa needs to regain a sense of humour!