Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's Give Fantino The Break He Deserves

The constant attacks on that loyal public servant Julian Fantino, OPP Commisioner, are starting to wear your blogger down.

Lately it is his handling of a highway blockade last summer that is in question.

As best as we can determine Fantino had taken time out of his day from personally arresting speeders on the 400 series of highways so as to deal with a voilitle situation in the Kingston area. Thank you Commissioner.

He took charge - personally relieving specially trained negotiaters from the Tyendinga Mohawk Police so that he could deal with Mohawk activist Shawn Brant mano a mano, as they say.

According to the OPP’s website Fantino was functioning “consistent with the recommendations from the Ipperwash Inquiry.”

Few of us will remember the details of Chief Justice Linden's thorough inquiry set up in response to the shooting death of Dudley George. But Fantino does.

One of the things Linden said about the police was this:

“The objective of the police during Aboriginal protests and occupations should be to minimize the potential for vilence and to facilitate constitutionally protected rights including treaty and aboriginal rights and the rights to peaceful assembly."

Fantino is “disappointed (and no wonder) with some in the media and the political arena” for his questioning his handling of events which are clearly so consistent with Linden's recommendations.

It is speculated here that the illegal wiretap info to which Fantino had access gave him cause to to threaten the Mohawk leader with "destroy(ing) his reputation and guaranteeing "your whole world is going to come crashing down."

The NDP's weak kneed, past his prime Sunshine boy Peter Kormos called this language "intemperate" and "bellicose." Say what?

And when did you Mr. Kormos negotiate anything more important than an extended summer recess for provincial polticians?

While some have called for Fantino's resignation, here at whenthemayorsmiles we say let's give the chief the break he deserves.

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