Monday, June 02, 2008

Buses on Dundas Street

Tore myself from the computer last week to rush to Burlington's Silly Hall to add my two cents worth to “Metrolinx Update” a report under review at Committee.

Metrolinx, formerly the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority, is charged with developing and implementing “an integrated multi-modal transportation plan” for the GTA and Hamilton.

Former Burlington mayor Rob MacIsaac is the chief multi-modal integrator.

We’re a Winner!!!

Metrolinx has taken immediate steps to address our congestion and environmental problems. Called “Quick Wins” an early win was the approval of $57.6 million to cover the capital costs of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service along the Dundas Corridor (Highway #5) from Hamilton to Mississauga.

Good Idea but Cool Reception

This is an important initiative.

It is an intra-regional project that fits within the Metrolinx mission of implementing “an integrated transportation system for our region” (i.e., GTHA).

It offers the potential to enhance our existing Burlington Transit system.

The implementation of the BRT might delay planned widenings on Waterdown and King Road and take pressure off other north-south routes as well as freeing up resources for other priorities, I thought, although Councilors didn’t agree.

Typically, Council is lukewarm, at best, towards this project. Questions from the Mayor suggest that he sees the Dundas Corridor BRT benefiting Oakville much more than Burlington.

It is becoming apparent – to this blogger anyway – that Mayor Jackson would prefer that Burlington Transit be uploaded to the Region. Will this be good for Burlington riders and our air quality? Can we count on senior levels of government to address our congestion concerns? Stay tuned.

My Two Cents Worth

My simple request to involve Metrolinx and the City of Hamilton early in the design and implementation plan didn’t interest Councillors at the Community and Corporate Services Committee.

So, I’m back at the computer.

(Metrolinx consultation documents are available at Report TT 16-08 which is heading to the June 9th meeting can be read at Contact me at for a copy of my presentation.)

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