Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Last week’s brouhaha over the province’s mis-management of its program for approving vanity license plates points out that such a job would be best be handled by someone other than government.

If you missed it a retired United Church Minister wanted to replace her nineteen-year-old plates with the exact same plate. “REV JO” was deemed inappropriate by the powers that be as it could incite road rage. Get it. I think I do. Read that plate and you’re sure to put the pedal to the metal i.e., rev(ing) it.

Proposed variations which apparently promoted Christianity were also no-no's.

Incidentally, these plates were given to Rev Jo by a friend as a gift to commemorate her call to the Ministry.

We think it is time to privatize this particular government service. Whenthemayorsmiles is prepared to help out, saving the oppressed taxpayer hard -earned dollars and eliminating this particular costly and clearly ineffective bureaucratic body. Our area of so-called expertise is local politics. We’ll assign the plates from now on. Here goes.

Hazel McCallion, Mississauga Mayor PAVEDIT

Gary Carr, Halton Regional Chair CHAIRSCAR

Rob MacIsaac, Chair, GTTA IM4TOLLS

Jack Dennison, Burlington Councillor TAXMAN

Cameron Jackson, Burlington Mayor TEAMLDR

Sam Merulla, Hamilton Councillor IM4ME

Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister LIONBRYN
(recently seen in these parts flogging his book)

Rob MacIsaac, former Mayor of Burlington SLOMUNDY*

David Miller, Mayor of Toronto NOMUNDYS

*Given the uprising he faced over the imposition of downtown parking rates on the citizens of Burlington when MacIsaac was that city's mayor your Blogger is certain that his former worship would be more comfortable cruising his hometown with the name of his well known (locally, at least) band than promoting something as heinous as road tolls. After all it could cause road rage.

Never mind. We’ll get back to work now.

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