Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Thought I was Over It

I really thought I was past it. My anti-Toronto bias, that is.

But it is back. And the Toronto Star has done it.

Their continuing careless and just plain wrong municipal election coverage will eventually put me over the edge.

A recent story talked about our former popular Mayor Mulkewich. That's Robert Mulkewich, or so the Star thinks. Call him Bobby why don't you? Out here he is known as Walter.

Today's profiles of candidates confuses a west end incumbent Rick Craven with an east end contender Rick Goldring. An easy mistake I often confuse David Miller with David Shiner.

And how many times can they refer to Mayor Rob MacIsaac as a"former mayor?" Well, I suppose with twenty-one days left in November twenty-one times is a good possibility.

Mr. Editor, give your reporters a Go Train ticket, point them west (that's where Burlington is) and tell them to come out here and look around. There is a lot of interesting stuff going on out here that could benefit from accurate news coverage.

Bob Wood
Ward 5

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