Thursday, October 05, 2006

Left it Cleaner than he found it.

In his final State of the City address Burlington Mayor Rob MacIsaac concluded his remarks with the camper’s credo. He hoped that he had left his campsite a little cleaner than he had found it.

I served six years with Councillor MacIsaac and it his been my privilege to be working with him again over his final eight months.

And , yes, he left it cleaner.

Not enough time today to itemize a long list of accomplishments but Rob’s summary includes:

Ÿ Smart Growth Summits
Ÿ The creation of Carpenter Hospice
Ÿ The growth of the Burlington Community Foundation
Ÿ City building from infrastructure to waterfront development.

And the “renaissance” in the downtown is cresting with this week’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with McMaster University that will bring that respected institution to town.

“The last key link to Burlington’s march to legitimacy as a great city,” noted the Mayor.

What will face the New Council

Rob notes the challenges ahead such as:

1. Developing and sticking with the Strategic Plan which will be developed in the first months of the New Year.

2. Continuing the positive working atmosphere at City Hall where staff and Council work together in what MacIsaac described as a model relationship.

3. Recognizing the “more for less mantra as a cop out” in building a great community.

4 Implementing new planning polices that will take courage as attention must be put towards strengthening public transit and creating public spaces.

5. Preparing for the Impact of Climate Change

The New Council

Rob hopes we’ll think hard about our choices in November’s elections. He’d like to see us choose a Mayor who will be a consensus builder and a team player. An individual who is not partisan, has integrity and will be a statesman is what we need.

Sounds like Rob.

Good luck Mayor MacIsaac. And thanks.

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