Thursday, September 07, 2006

Burlington Election #2

In an earlier posting I took a shot at predicting what this year's election issues might be in my town - Burlington. I'm going to give this some additional thought.


Back Down to Earth

While I, an interim councillor, am not running this year and thus not obligated to knock on doors, I'm remain keenly interested in what others are hearing on the hustings.

So when a veteran Council colleague reported to me that he had started canvassing this week I was all ears.

Of 150 homes visited by the Councillor only three (3) residents were aware that a municipal election was taking place this fall.

On reflection I conclude that:

1. It is early days and interest will pick up.

2. The concept that municipal government, of all levels of government, is the most popular and closest to the people may need some rethinking.

3. The Councillor had stumbled on to a problem identified earlier this summer - too many deceased individuals on the voter's list.

But seriously, for those who live and breathe municipal politics it is always worth remembering this: A majority of our constituents have lives far removed from our Silly Halls.

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